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Apoio da MusaWorkLab

Logo Musa (Horizontal).png


O projecto Lisboa-Díli, 1515 - 2015, conta com o apoio do Design Studio MusaWorkLab


MusaWorkLab is a multi-disciplinary design and communication consultancy studio founded in 2003 by Raquel Viana, Paulo Lima and Ricardo Alexandre, located in Lisboa, Portugal. Our focus is to be unconventional, to innovate, to go beyond traditional studio work by integrating an international creative professionals network with diverse backgrounds and talent. Every project is treated uniquely based on the special needs of our client – one solution does not fit all. We strive to give our clients successful brand communication strategies and state of the art graphic concepts providing relevant and creative solutions.

Rua da Rosa, 14 E6

1200-387 Portugal

  1. +351.210134530
  2. +351.210134539